Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Coburg House Christmas Open Studios 2012

 Vintage Mirror Necklace with Oval Sapphire
Silver, labradorites and sapphire

'Frill' labradorite ring and 'Four Circle' labradorite ring
Silver & labradorites
£185 each

After a long day with my eyes fixed on the laptop and a few secretarial errors along the way, I have finally got around to posting some info on the Open Studios. Above is a Private View invite for you all. I do hope you can make it along at some point across the weekend. Unfortunately, I'll not be there on Sat 1st December as I am going to a wedding. However, my studio will still be open and the fantastic Miss Jackie will be available to help you!

As you can see above, I have made a few pieces with stones set in them. I bought these cabochon stones the last time I was in Hatton Garden and shortly after lost this beautiful oval sapphire. I was disappointed but I had faith that it would turn up, and it did. I obviously had chucked it in my little bag drawer along with all my other bags when tidying up.  
I haven't had much time on my hands to do much more of the stone setting but at least this is a little taster for the Open Studios. I hope to set aside some time in the new year to work on more pieces like these and perhaps with gold. This is just the beginning. I hope you like :-)

Just in case you missed the last Open event, I have now moved, still within Coburg House of course. I am now in the Coburg Loft, studio 46. It is the first one you come to on the top floor.

Hope to see you there!

Donna x

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

DAZZLE Manchester at The Royal Exchange Theatre

Circular leaf Necklace
Silver, 18ct gold & Aventurine

Having been working hard at the bench making stock and new pieces for Christmas, I've hardly had time to sit down and tell you about what's coming up.
I've updated my stockists and forthcoming exhibitions down the right hand side with links, so you can see where you can find my work at the moment and during the festive season.
Do remember also, my online shop at www.donnabarry.com is up and running and I'm pleased to say the Christmas orders have started coming in :-)

Dazzle at Christmas is as always the biggie. The work has been sent (hooray!) and Tony and Christine along with the help of the Dazzle girls will start setting up the exhibition tomorrow at The Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester. DAZZLE opens on Saturday, so if you're in and around the area, pop in. From a selection of fifty odd jeweller's work, you are sure to find the perfect gift for Christmas or a treat for yourself :-)
If you can't make it there or you live elsewhere, remember there's always Lovedazzle, the online shop. Not forgetting of course also, DAZZLE in London at the National Theatre.

Keep checking here for new pieces and any updates over the next couple of weeks. Open Studios is almost upon us once again. This time we will be open on the 1st and 2nd December. Watch this space for more details.

I'll be back very soon x

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Final Piece

'Snow Flower' Neckpiece.
Silver, 18ct yellow gold, green tourmaline and faceted peardrop citrines.

Phew! Just dropped off the finished 'Growing Talent' Exhibition piece at the Assay Office this morning. Quite some mind space has been taken up with this one over the last couple of months. This time next week it will be heading down to London for a photo shoot. However, I thought I should get a professional photo of my own taken first. I asked the very talented new Coburger Marc Millar to take a couple of shots. I think I will have to get some more done when some new work develops in the new year. Marc specialises in Wedding and PR photography. Check out his website here.

And now for Christmas...............................................................

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Goldsmith's Company 'Growing Talent' Exhibition

The materials

Petals laid out ready to fuse.

Fused centre piece for necklace alongside sketchbook designs.

The drawing of the centre piece and the real thing so far......

'Growing Talent' is an exhibition which will take place at the Goldsmith's Hall, London  next year to celebrate The Goldsmith's Fair 30th Anniversary. Every year at this prestigious Fair there are 10 new and upcoming jewellers and silversmiths who are given a free stand and a bursary for materials by the Goldsmith's Company. Now the bursary winners from over the past ten years or more have been asked to exhibit one piece that was displayed at their first Goldsmith's Fair and one new special piece in this exciting exhibition.

Remember back in May of this year, I told you about the stone setting course I took in Hatton Garden? Well, I've been putting a little practice in, not perfect to say the least, but at last it is time to incorporate this into the piece. The Edinburgh Craft maker Awards gave me some dosh to do the course and to buy the materials for the piece.
So last week, myself and Kaz were down in the Big Smoke for yet another Anniversary party, but that's another story for later. The next day, surprisingly hangover free, we ventured to Hatton Garden to spend the rest of my award money. I could shop for stones all day! However, I decided on this string of beautiful faceted peardrop citrines quite quickly as they just jumped out at me! Next, with the help of Kaz I chose two deep green pear shaped cabachon tourmalines, one for a mock up setting and one for the real thing. (I also bought a beautiful oval sapphire and some pink and green tourmalines for designs to come :-))

Yesterday, as you can see from the photos above, I nervously began making my necklace. Today, I have formed the centre piece and soldered the tubing onto the back for threading. I shall put some more photos of the piece in the making next week. But for now, wish me luck!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Tayberry Gallery - A new stockist

Double Floral Wing Necklace
Silver, labradorites and smokey quartz
The Edinburgh Festival seems to have flown in and almost out again. Since the Open Studios I've been doing the 'Dazzle' thing and selling some fantastic jewellery at Dovecot studios. The exhibition is just brilliant and what a treat it has been working in such a lovely venue. There is still another week to go so if you haven't been, do pay us a visit.

Apart from 'dazzling' at Dovecot I've been getting some work together for a new outlet, The Tayberry Gallery. I've not paid the gallery on Princes Street in Perth a visit yet, but hoping to have a weekend outing soon to take a look. The necklace above is one of the pieces on display there just now.

Next week when Dazzle is over, I'll be back in the studio full time. It will hopefully be the beginning of new ideas and designs that will hopefully develop into that special piece for The Goldsmiths Bursaries Exhibition, I was talking about earlier in the year. Now I can finally get down to some stone setting.
Watch this space.

D x

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Summer Open Studios 2012

 Local organic flowers grown and arranged by Pyrus

 First time exhibiting in the new studio!

 Our Make Your Own Wedding Ring display

 Kaz's new work on display in our 'Loft' studio

 And more Kaz

 'Leaf Scene' Necklace
silver, 18ct gold & green agate

Circular leaf earrings
silver & 18ct gold

I can't believe the Open Studios has been and gone once again! This time around there were four floors of artists and makers to visit in their studios. The opening night was fantastic! I had just a couple of free moments to spare to dash outside to the communal space in the new 'Coburg Loft' to check how busy we were! Although I didn't manage to get any photos of the opening night, here are some of our displays in our new studio, a couple of new designs by me and also the fantastic flowers by my good friends Natalya and Fiona who go by the name of Pyrus. I only wish I was a better writer to be able to describe what they're all about. Take a look at their blogspot where you'll find some beautiful images of their floristry and a peak at they're ideas and inspirations. If you're planning a wedding in or around Edinburgh and haven't organised your florist yet, look no further! All their flowers are organically grown on their own farm in East Lothian. 

If you would like to be put on the Coburg mailing list, just drop me a line and you'll be sent an invite for the Private View in December.

I'll be back here very soon :-)

D x

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Hints of Colour

Snow bud Cluster Necklace
Silver, rutilated quartz and rainbow moonstone

Floral Blanket Necklace
Silver and labradorites

These two neck pieces are striking with their contrast of black and white and a few shades of grey too! If you look closely, you will be able to see some hints of fabulous colours, especially when the stones are angled in different lights. The Snow Bud Neckpiece at the top reflects some striking blues as do these unusual labradorites I picked up this year in Hatton Garden. 

The SnowBud Necklace has just arrived at the Ruthin Craft Centre in North Wales which is on sale in their gallery shop with a whole new group of work.
If you live near by or are by chance in the Denbighshire area, then do go and take a peak.

The Floral Blanket Necklace will be on show and for sale at The Coburg Gallery during our Open Studios next weekend at which I hope to see you. Pop in and see myself and Kaz in our new studio (46) on the very top floor. 

D x

Monday, 23 July 2012

Dazzle at Dovecot

Floral Blanket Necklace
Silver & Aventurine
 On sale at Dazzle

I'm sitting in my new studio in the "Coburg Loft" writing this as the rain once again pelts down on the skylight above. As we all are, I am so fed up of this rain, although the sound of it is quite therapeutic. It does also make it easier to coop myself up in here for a late night.

There's lots to do as Dazzle at Dovecot and the Open Studios approach. August being my busiest month of the year, I think I'm ready for it!

Today will consist of labelling and packing up my Dazzle work which will be exhibited at Dazzle at the Dovecot Studios from the 3rd - 27th August. Dovecot Tapestry studios is based in a beautiful renovated Victorian swimming pool in Edinburgh City Centre. This will be Dazzle's first year at this exciting new venue. 
I am ashamed to say I have never visited Dovecot since the studios moved here four years ago. However, once again I will be working at Dazzle again this year and am looking forward to seeing and working within the building.

This recent Floral Blanket Necklace (above) will be at Dazzle and for sale including other pieces from my Four circle, Clover bud, Snow bud and Vintage Mirror ranges.

There'll be about fifty other jewellers too exhibiting so you wouldn't really want to miss out! There's is most definitely something for everyone at this exhibition.

With Open Studios not far away either, I recently posted the flyer in the previous post which contains all the info you need.
Just a little reminder that myself and Kaz have moved studio. You'll find us in what we call the 'Coburg Loft' on the top floor, studio 46, the first door you come to at the top of the stairs.

As usual I will have my "Pretty Prices" box with jewels up to 70% discount.

If you're getting married and fancy doing something a bit different like making each other's wedding rings, come and have a chat with myself or Hannah Louise Lamb. 

Hope to see you soon!

D x

Monday, 9 July 2012

Our 10 Year Anniversary Bash

The Prize Draw

Kaz eyeing up the wine!

 Billy playing some light jazz.

Cutting the beautiful lemon cake made by Inbal.
First of all can I just say a very big thank you to all of you who came along to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary with myself and Kaz on Friday night. We had a ball!

This time last week we were wondering why on earth we were doing it. It seemed like a lot of work for the sake of three hours. However, when it came to it and the work was up on the walls, we were glad we had.

Friends, family, fellow Coburgers and customers all showed up to celebrate with us. Thank you to my partner Billy who entertained us with some live jazzy sounds in the background on the guitar. You can hear Mr Ancell play here with the wedding band, The Hi Hats. A great band for your wedding, party or pub gig!

Thank you to Inbal too who made a fantastic lemon cake. It certainly went down a treat with everyone! If any of you would like the recipe, visit Inbal's blog, 'The Baking Bandit'. We may just have to have more openings just to sample more of Inbal's delicious cakes!

The Donna and Kaz Jewels were won by two very talented jeweller friends, Hannah Louise Lamb and Jessica Howarth. Thank you to everyone who entered. £110 in donations were raised and we will be giving it to the Edinburgh Dog and Cat home.

If you missed the celebrations on Friday, not to worry. We still have the Open Studios coming up! Come along to our Private View on 3rd Aug at Coburg House and join us for a glass of vino. We will be open all weekend too. More on this soon.

So, here's to another ten years!..................................

DB x

Take a look at my Facebook page for more photos on the celebrations!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Prize Draw

'Butterflower Wing' Drop Earrings

If you're coming along on Friday night to our '10 Years' celebratory exhibition, you could be in with a chance of winning these! Worth £295. You could also win a Kaz necklace worth £145. Donations will go to The Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.

Late night tonight I think. Watch this space for more info on Friday!

D x

Friday, 29 June 2012

Donna & Kaz - 10 Years On

'Square rings'

Donna Barry
'Snowbud Cluster & chain' Neckpiece
Silver, Rainbow Moonstone and Iolite

Myself and Kaz have been busying away in preparation for our 'one night only' exhibition next week! In celebration of our 10 years in business and at Coburg House Studios, we are putting on a display of work, some old, some new. I will be exhibiting a few larger pieces from my Postgraduate show and Kaz is going as far back as her degree show with her 'Wobble rings'!
Please feel free to join us for a glass of vino at The Coburg Gallery within Coburg House Studios. We will be open 6th July 6 -9pm.

There will also be a free prize draw where you can win both Donna Barry and Kaz Robertson jewels! How's about that then! :-)

Hope to see you there!

D x

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The new studio in 'The Coburg Loft'

After a busy week of moving studio and then another busy week of relaxing in the Spanish sun, today I spent my first full day working in my new studio. I have actually started making some jewellery for what's coming up next. I can't quite believe I have time to make! Of course myself and Kaz are still sharing a studio and we are still at Coburg House Studios. You will just have to climb an extra few steps to find us in the 'Coburg Loft', the new top floor. We are situated right at the top of the stairs, so you just can't miss us! I will be reminding you all just before the Open Studios.

These photos were taken without any lights on. As it is quite bright, I forgot to switch them on!

Info on our 10 Year exhibition will be up next. Save the date, 6th July for one night only, Kaz and I will be showing old and new work.

I shall go now and work away in the studio and let my freckles fade away again. No, I don't have the holiday blues at all!

It's time to make jewellery!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


At long last, the new website has been launched! Check it out!

I'll still be keeping you up to date with what I've been up to here, so keep following!

Donna x

Friday, 11 May 2012

A valuable visit to Hatton Garden

Well it's about time I blogged again and after ten years in the jewellery business it's about time I learnt about stone setting. With vague memories at college of how some basic stone settings are done, I thought it was time I got myself some tuition. With funding from the Edinburgh Craft Makers Awards it became possible and there are no excuses now!
Last week I headed on down to the big smoke and spent two full days at The London Jewellery School based in the jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden. It was an experience being back in a class where I was being taught at the bench. It made a nice change! Our tutor was the lovely Zoe Harding who brought the eight of us through each step of three different stone settings, cabachon/rubover, tube and gypsy. See some images above of the cabachon and tube settings. Please ignore the designs themselves. This course was, for me, purely to learn how to set and not to waste valuable time at the school trying to make it fit with my own work. That is the plan now of course and once my new website has been launched (very soon), I will be playing at the bench with my new skills. Lots of practice maybe involved though! Looking forward to showing you some new pieces in the near future.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Summer Flowers

 'Summer Flower' Necklace
Silver, 18ct gold & labradorites

Slowly saying goodbye to the lovely daffodils and saying hello to the beginning of Summer! This 'Summer Flower' Necklace is making it's way to Equinox in Hampshire as we speak! 'The Best of British Contemporary Jewellery' Exhibition opens on the 17th April. If you're in and around Fleet, then do visit!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Goldmiths' Fair 30th Anniversary Exhibition

'Oval Petal' Dish

I can't believe that amongst all my talk of anniversaries, I forgot to tell you about the Goldsmiths' Fair 30 Years Anniversary Exhibition!
Around 100 jewellers and silversmiths including myself have been asked to participate in this which will be held at the Goldsmiths' Hall sometime next year. These makers have all received a bursary over the years from the Goldsmiths' Company to have a free stand at Goldsmiths' Fair and funding towards materials. We have each been asked to exhibit two pieces of work. One from our very first show and one brand new piece.
My first time showing at Goldsmiths was just a few months after I completed my Postgraduate Diploma back in 2002 (oh how that sounds so long ago!), a time when I was developing my fusing technique on a larger scale. I designed and made a range of silverware including, shallow dishes, a table centrepiece and some napkin rings. Each piece was created from hundreds of oval shapes fused together into patterns and then formed. The piece above is one of my favourite and will be my "First Exhibition" piece. This dish was also commended by the Goldsmiths Craft & Design Council at the Craftsmanship & Design Awards in 2003.
My "New piece" will hopefully be the beginning of a new development within my work. This month, I am pleased to say that I have received some funding from the Craft Maker Awards: Edinburgh, to undertake a course in stone setting to help towards developing and pushing my work in a new direction. The money will also go towards materials to make this special new piece.
I hope to make a piece of jewellery, that shows off a large surface area of fused sheet similar to that of the dish, and incorporate some stone setting, some how, some way!
These ideas may change through the development process, but I will leave it there for now. I will of course keep you up to date with how it's all going and how I get on at the course next month, which I am very excited about!
The "new piece" has to be finshed by the Autumn, so you won't have to wait too long to see the end product.

Ah, sorry that was a bit lengthy!

I'm off now to enjoy a pint in the sun! :-)

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


This year seems to be a year of anniversary celebrations! It being my own 10th year in business, I thought going to the Goldsmiths' Fair 30th Anniversary party last Thursday evening could be an excuse for a little personal celebration of my own. The champagne was flowing and our wee clan from up here in the North took full advantage :-) The Hall was filled with beautiful scented flowers and of course all the Jewellers and Silversmiths! It was a treat bumping into makers I have met at the Fair in the past.
A trip was made to Hatton Garden the next day for some stone shopping. It really did take our minds of our slight hangovers :-) Shopping for hammers and mandrels too is what we decided was our "Sad fun"!

So, as it is both myself and Kaz Robertson's 10th year in business and sharing a studio at Coburg House Studios, we thought we would mark the occasion with a little gathering here in the Coburg Gallery. There will be some work on display and some vino of course to celebrate! We have booked the evening of the 6th July, so save the date! More details will be revealed nearer the time. Hope you will be able to make it!

It is also my Mum and Michael's 1st Wedding Anniversary in June. I didn't realise we would be gate crashing it when we booked our holiday to join them in Spain! Ooops!

I'm liking all these anniversaries, any excuse for a knees up :-)

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fuzzy February

'Snow bud Cluster' pin
Silver & labradorites

It has been a hectic month both in work and play. We have had enquiries after enquiries about our 'Make Your Own Wedding Ring' service. Something we think may have to do with a 'Don't Tell The Bride' episode last week where the Groom was making wedding rings for himself and his Wife-to-be. It has been a bit crazy to say the least! Keep them bookings coming in though! :)

I haven't been working much at the bench since Christmas, but I have yesterday, just sent off a new group of work to Byard Art Gallery in Cambridge and have also returned to an old stockist of mine, Ferrers Gallery in Leicester. If you're in those areas, go and take a look :)

Applications for this, that and the other has taken up most of my time. More on these later if any of them are successful, but for now I'll zip my lips:)

Oh and just to quickly remind you that there is only one more day to visit the Visual Arts Scotland Annual Exhibition at the RSA Upper Galleries on The Mound. The pin above is currently on show as part of my 'Snow Bud & Floral' collection.

Apart from all this work business, it has been party month to say the least! Birthday parties (including mine) engagements, and general booziness! It's time for a detox!


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Visual Art Scotland Annual Exhibition

It's been a busy week and we're not even out of January yet! That is how I like it though, especially as I have been moaning how slow January has been this year! There's not been much work done at the bench, more applications for funding, competitions and preparing for our two Make Your Own Wedding Rings couples this weekend.

My 'Snow petal & Floral' collection of four pieces has been selected for the Visual Art Scotland Annual Exhibition this week. A sneaky peak of one pair of earrings won't hurt (pictured above). I never know whether to call these my 'Snow Flower' or 'Summer Flower' earrings. I'll leave it up to you.The Exhibition starts on the 4th February.

The Roamin' Rockets charity Event which was postponed in December due to bad weather conditions is now going ahead next week on the 2nd February, 7.30-10.30pm at Cargo, Edinburgh. Tickets are £6. Hope you can make it along!

Well, I'm off home now to get ready for my first ever Burns Supper! I got there eventually after 14 years living in Scotland!

Bye for now


Monday, 9 January 2012

January Blue Bargains!

 'Vintage Mirror & Oval loop' pendant
Silver, iolites & moonstone
was £110 now £77
(until the end of Jan 2012 only)

'Vintage Mirror' Necklace
Silver & iolite
was £180 now £126
(until the end of January 2012)

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and managed to get a good break! This year was my first Christmas ever where I had a whole two week period off work. All I can say is AMAZING! Just staying in Edinburgh with friends and a short trip up to Aberdeen for Hogmanay was just perfect. Lots of wine was drunk and delicious food eaten!

So it's my first day back at the studio today and I'm faced with paper work and the dreaded tax return! Now, I'm sure there are many of you out there who are facing the same dreary first day back or you may have already been back and just want January to be over.
To do my bit in helping you beat the 'January Blues', I'm offering 30% off on these two beautiful blue stone pieces from my 'Vintage Mirror' range only until the end of January 2012. The pendant is available in 16", 18" or 20" length and the necklace is approximately 16.5" long. There is only one of each, so if you are interested, please email me or give me a call.

And so back to the books!

Donna xx