Friday, 29 June 2012

Donna & Kaz - 10 Years On

'Square rings'

Donna Barry
'Snowbud Cluster & chain' Neckpiece
Silver, Rainbow Moonstone and Iolite

Myself and Kaz have been busying away in preparation for our 'one night only' exhibition next week! In celebration of our 10 years in business and at Coburg House Studios, we are putting on a display of work, some old, some new. I will be exhibiting a few larger pieces from my Postgraduate show and Kaz is going as far back as her degree show with her 'Wobble rings'!
Please feel free to join us for a glass of vino at The Coburg Gallery within Coburg House Studios. We will be open 6th July 6 -9pm.

There will also be a free prize draw where you can win both Donna Barry and Kaz Robertson jewels! How's about that then! :-)

Hope to see you there!

D x

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The new studio in 'The Coburg Loft'

After a busy week of moving studio and then another busy week of relaxing in the Spanish sun, today I spent my first full day working in my new studio. I have actually started making some jewellery for what's coming up next. I can't quite believe I have time to make! Of course myself and Kaz are still sharing a studio and we are still at Coburg House Studios. You will just have to climb an extra few steps to find us in the 'Coburg Loft', the new top floor. We are situated right at the top of the stairs, so you just can't miss us! I will be reminding you all just before the Open Studios.

These photos were taken without any lights on. As it is quite bright, I forgot to switch them on!

Info on our 10 Year exhibition will be up next. Save the date, 6th July for one night only, Kaz and I will be showing old and new work.

I shall go now and work away in the studio and let my freckles fade away again. No, I don't have the holiday blues at all!

It's time to make jewellery!