Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Objects of Status, Power & Adornment

'Snow Bud Cluster' Neckpiece
silver, iolite and rainbow moonstone

It's been a busy month with the Edinburgh Festival in full swing, Open Studios and 'Dazzle'. Even though it's an exciting time, I'm glad it's over! My evenings are my own again! Phew :) I have been up to this and that but will tell you more later.

For now, here is a an image of one of my 'Snow bud cluster' Neckpieces. This amongst other pieces has just arrived at Mobilia Gallery in the States for their exciting exhibition 'Objects of Status, Power & Adornment' which starts on the 6th September and ends on the 22nd October. The brief was to make some new pieces with this title in mind. As I have been using semi precious stones over the last couple of years, it seemed to fit in quite well. We were also asked to include an older piece of work, so I revamped an old 'Feather petal' Brooch made from silver and 18ct yellow gold into a fairly large ring! As I was in a rush to send off the work, I forgot to take a photograph. We will just have to wait until it comes back, unless it is sold of course! That would be nice :) So if anyone is around and about in Boston, then go and have a look. I'm sure it'll be an exhibition you won't want to miss! There is also talk of this being a travelling exhibiton, so will keep you updated.

Right, I'm off to the studio. I have some rather scrumptious necklaces on the go at the moment. Watch this space!