Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Goldsmith's Company 'Growing Talent' Exhibition

The materials

Petals laid out ready to fuse.

Fused centre piece for necklace alongside sketchbook designs.

The drawing of the centre piece and the real thing so far......

'Growing Talent' is an exhibition which will take place at the Goldsmith's Hall, London  next year to celebrate The Goldsmith's Fair 30th Anniversary. Every year at this prestigious Fair there are 10 new and upcoming jewellers and silversmiths who are given a free stand and a bursary for materials by the Goldsmith's Company. Now the bursary winners from over the past ten years or more have been asked to exhibit one piece that was displayed at their first Goldsmith's Fair and one new special piece in this exciting exhibition.

Remember back in May of this year, I told you about the stone setting course I took in Hatton Garden? Well, I've been putting a little practice in, not perfect to say the least, but at last it is time to incorporate this into the piece. The Edinburgh Craft maker Awards gave me some dosh to do the course and to buy the materials for the piece.
So last week, myself and Kaz were down in the Big Smoke for yet another Anniversary party, but that's another story for later. The next day, surprisingly hangover free, we ventured to Hatton Garden to spend the rest of my award money. I could shop for stones all day! However, I decided on this string of beautiful faceted peardrop citrines quite quickly as they just jumped out at me! Next, with the help of Kaz I chose two deep green pear shaped cabachon tourmalines, one for a mock up setting and one for the real thing. (I also bought a beautiful oval sapphire and some pink and green tourmalines for designs to come :-))

Yesterday, as you can see from the photos above, I nervously began making my necklace. Today, I have formed the centre piece and soldered the tubing onto the back for threading. I shall put some more photos of the piece in the making next week. But for now, wish me luck!