Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Goldmiths' Fair 30th Anniversary Exhibition

'Oval Petal' Dish

I can't believe that amongst all my talk of anniversaries, I forgot to tell you about the Goldsmiths' Fair 30 Years Anniversary Exhibition!
Around 100 jewellers and silversmiths including myself have been asked to participate in this which will be held at the Goldsmiths' Hall sometime next year. These makers have all received a bursary over the years from the Goldsmiths' Company to have a free stand at Goldsmiths' Fair and funding towards materials. We have each been asked to exhibit two pieces of work. One from our very first show and one brand new piece.
My first time showing at Goldsmiths was just a few months after I completed my Postgraduate Diploma back in 2002 (oh how that sounds so long ago!), a time when I was developing my fusing technique on a larger scale. I designed and made a range of silverware including, shallow dishes, a table centrepiece and some napkin rings. Each piece was created from hundreds of oval shapes fused together into patterns and then formed. The piece above is one of my favourite and will be my "First Exhibition" piece. This dish was also commended by the Goldsmiths Craft & Design Council at the Craftsmanship & Design Awards in 2003.
My "New piece" will hopefully be the beginning of a new development within my work. This month, I am pleased to say that I have received some funding from the Craft Maker Awards: Edinburgh, to undertake a course in stone setting to help towards developing and pushing my work in a new direction. The money will also go towards materials to make this special new piece.
I hope to make a piece of jewellery, that shows off a large surface area of fused sheet similar to that of the dish, and incorporate some stone setting, some how, some way!
These ideas may change through the development process, but I will leave it there for now. I will of course keep you up to date with how it's all going and how I get on at the course next month, which I am very excited about!
The "new piece" has to be finshed by the Autumn, so you won't have to wait too long to see the end product.

Ah, sorry that was a bit lengthy!

I'm off now to enjoy a pint in the sun! :-)

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


This year seems to be a year of anniversary celebrations! It being my own 10th year in business, I thought going to the Goldsmiths' Fair 30th Anniversary party last Thursday evening could be an excuse for a little personal celebration of my own. The champagne was flowing and our wee clan from up here in the North took full advantage :-) The Hall was filled with beautiful scented flowers and of course all the Jewellers and Silversmiths! It was a treat bumping into makers I have met at the Fair in the past.
A trip was made to Hatton Garden the next day for some stone shopping. It really did take our minds of our slight hangovers :-) Shopping for hammers and mandrels too is what we decided was our "Sad fun"!

So, as it is both myself and Kaz Robertson's 10th year in business and sharing a studio at Coburg House Studios, we thought we would mark the occasion with a little gathering here in the Coburg Gallery. There will be some work on display and some vino of course to celebrate! We have booked the evening of the 6th July, so save the date! More details will be revealed nearer the time. Hope you will be able to make it!

It is also my Mum and Michael's 1st Wedding Anniversary in June. I didn't realise we would be gate crashing it when we booked our holiday to join them in Spain! Ooops!

I'm liking all these anniversaries, any excuse for a knees up :-)