Friday, 27 August 2010

Close ups

Here are some close ups of the large fusion experiments! You can see the patterns and textures that the technique creates.
It seems blogger is having a few problems loading images just now so I will have to leave the rest until another time.

Have a good weekend! x

"Ready Steady Jewel"

Such a busy busy month August has been! I have been meaning to post everyday for the last month without success! And so here I am finally with some news on what's been happening this month! Where do I begin?!..................

"Ready Steady Jewel"LinkI have been invited to take part in this very exciting charity event! 12 jewellers will be taking part in a kind of "Ready Steady Cook" event only it involves making a piece of jewellery! Ian Nicholson, jeweller/silversmith and ex coburger is the man behind it so to speak! He will be gathering the jewellers together at his studio where we will be given 8 hours to make a piece of jewellery from a design brief. All twelve pieces will be exhibited in Hamilton & Inches (George St, Edinburgh) for 10 days following an auction at Out of the Blue Studios with the proceeds going to charity.
I will of course keep you posted with dates etc. There is some talk of it maybe being televised! Will let you know if this is going to happen. Very exciting, although a little scary! It is probably time for a wee challenge! :)

Once again DAZZLE is on at The Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh. Unfortunately there are only a few days left, so best get on down there to make some last minute purchases! Don't worry, not all the best things have gone! The makers are constantly sending in new stock as they sell, and exciting one off pieces. I will be there tonight and Sunday night and will be happy to help you :)
My jeweller friend and coburger Miss Karen McMillan sold my big 'Blooming Summer Flower' Neckpiece (image in last post below) there last week which I was very excited about! Thanks Kazza! I was determined to have a few celebration drinks after my shift at Dazzle and suffered the next day for it!! It was worth it though :)

Rio Magazine
This was e mailed to me a couple of weeks ago. It's the August edition of the New Rio Magazine with one of my rings in the 'Ring Power' article. But most importantly, in a different article there is a wee picture of the original Coburg Studio pooch, Daisy Soo modeling one of my most expensive neckpieces!! I took this picture quite a few years ago one day in the studio, when our friend and ex Coburgie, Rebecca Faulding-Middleton left myself and Kaz to look after Daisy! :)
It does say that I am the owner, wish she was, but unfortunately she is not.

And Finally.....The Coburg Open studio weekend went well a couple of weeks ago! Myself and Kaz weren't able to be there for the Friday or Saturday as we headed off down to North Wales (my home land) for a friend's wedding. My lovely friends Jackie and Hannah were at the studio though and managed to land me some sales. Thanks girls! x x

Above is an image of my experimental silverware from my post graduate course seven years ago. These are the two biggest and most challenging pieces I made amongst other small dishes, napkin rings etc. I wanted to bring my personalized technique of fusion onto a larger scale. I thought it would be nice to dig them out, spruce them up and display them in this beautiful frame that I bought from the Scottish gallery sale. Standing out on the wall they seemed to attract a lot of attention at the open weekend!

And so August turns into September and there is no sign of slowing the pace down! Origin is just three and a half weeks away with many late nights ahead! Hopefully it will all be worth it! :)

I will be posting some new works for Origin as I go, so keep your eye on this blog!

D x