Friday, 26 November 2010


Snow petal & diamond loop earrings
silver with labradorite clusters

Blossom Bud Cluster Neckpiece
Oxidisedsilver & 18ct gold

It sounds like the snow is falling everywhere but here!! I'm sure it is on it's way though! My toes are like icicles sitting here in the studio!
So, since it's all about the snow and the Open Studios drawing near (one week in fact!), I thought I'd refresh the old blog with some snow petal and bud type jewels. Take a look down the right hand side. Maybe you'll find some christmas present ideas! If so, then do get in touch or visit me next weekend here at the studio to see the treasures in their true beauty! The other advantage is, you can try them on! That's if the christmas shopping you're doing is really for you! :)

I've been working on restocking the galleries recently. One in particular is Mobilia Gallery. Based in Boston, the lovely gallery owners, Libby & JoAnne Cooper have promoted my work ever since I left college in 2002. Above are just two of the ten pieces I have just sent them.

With the Coburg Christmas Open Studio Event just one week away, I better get back to making! I'm hoping to post up a few preview images of some of the jewellery that will be on show. So keep your eyes on this space!

Hope you have a great weekend!
D x